Research Expertise Discovery

Online networking for academic institutions

Universal search

Automatic indexing of all public content
Web visitors can search for keywords in the profile pages of faculty members, graduate students, groups, project, shared resources, and research themes.

Academic web profiles

Optimized for information discovery
Colleagues and visitors will be directed to your public profile. Specific sections of the profile can be filled using information from the CV. Use the Fill from CV button on the right of the profile page.

Research clusters

Aggregate information by research topics

The research clusters and research themes webpages are public longitudinal visualizations of research interests across academic units. These pages include faculty members, graduate students, research groups, labs, and shared resources and equipment.

Research interests

Extensible list of topics and curation technology for administrators
Improve discoverability by summarizing your research interests. Pick from research themes or create your own to classify your work.

Research places

Putting researchers on the map

Share where you have done fieldwork and conducted research. Find where others are operating geographically. Add information about what expertise you have in various regions, and get connected globally!

Shared resources

Web profiles for equipment and resources

Why have valuable equipment and resources sitting idly when they can be shared with others. 

Create a web portal for finding shared resources on campus, as well as accessing relevant information on their characteristics, and reserving them for use.

Equipment location on campus

The shared resources that you need might be closer than you think
Geographical mapping of shared equipment and resources within campus.

Research groups and projects

Web profiles for research groups
A web presence for groups, labs, projects and partner organizations.