A collaborative website builder for academic institutions

Accessible, mobile, multilingual websites for faculty and students

UNIWeb Websites

Lego-like block system for creating academic websites

Web accessibility for academics

Build webpages with growing selection of widgets and templates

Smart building blocks combine with one another to create complex webpages that are mobile and accessible. This means that users don’t require specialized knowledge to make accessible and responsive websites.

Multilingual content with translation services

Multilingual websites from the start
The translation toolkit enables the tracking of modifications in a website, and their translation of content by local or third-party translation services. The web-based translation workflow offers the ability to reuse prior translations, and to approve or reject new translations.

Web component editor for advanced users

Create and share custom building blocks

Users can create their own building blocks in order to achieve special functionality in their websites. This is particularly important for large organizations with their own IT departments. UNIWeb Websites comes equipped with a widget creator tool for this purpose.

Unlimited hosting options

Institutions can defined their preferred hosting policy, and run automatic audits

Publish websites to folders or external web hosting with a simple click.

Export websites as plain HTML, CSS and JS.