Academic CV management and reporting

Helping researchers and university staff increase their productivity

Efficient CV management

Optimized data input for end users

Streamlined creation and maintenance of academic CVs through an intuitive online interface designed to make the best use of your time.

The most efficient way to manage a Canadian Common CV and reuse its data for progress reports.

Custom Report Layouts

Generate annual activity reports in seconds

Download Word documents that comply with the layout rules of progress reports and internal academic CVs.

The extensible CV data schema will ensure that UNIWeb captures the data used for every report. 

Aggregate analysis

Predefined and custom academic metrics
University administrators can access CV information in bulk, and efficiently generate academic metrics and aggregate reports.

Training and Workshops

In-person and remote options
While UNIWeb has an intuitive interface, we know that a percentage of the faculty body still benefits from in-person workshops.