CCV Sync

From your institution to funding agencies in one click

Import & Export

Save time and reuse data for reports

Simplify the creation and maintenance of your Canadian Common CV through an intuitive online interface designed to make the best use of your time.

One system to learn

Seamless integration with all other UNIWeb modules.
CCV Sync is fully integrated into the UNIWeb collaborative system for research organizations. It provides the fastest and easiest way to complete and maintain an up-to-date CCV. Giving you more time for reasearch.

CCV Funding templates

Monitoring technology keeps templates in sync with the CCV website
With error checks for funding templates, and same help texts as the ones in the CCV website, researchers can build their CVs for funding competitions with UNIWeb.

Beyond the CCV

UNIWeb with CCV Sync is not just a great way to update your CCV. It also allows you to use your CCV information for internal academic reports and web profiles, greatly reducing administrative duplication.

UNIWeb also computes academic metrics, such as research outputs, directly from your CCV data.